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Take me out to the ball– Oh, or not…

on May 24, 2013

The baseball game on Wednesday night got rained out. We could have guessed this before we left town to drive up there, as it was starting to absolutely pour down on the interstate, but my dad insisted that we were going because there was free food. Although most of the rain let off by the time we got up there, the field was too soaked so they called the game off. But we could stay in the suite and eat, so my dad was happy.

Then this morning I hit the snooze again. I’ve got to start getting to bed earlier and not staying up reading. (The good news is that the problem is **not** because I’m not packed. I’m ready, I’m just too tired to get up.)

Friday night

Short warmup, then on to 5-min rounds of drilling. Double armbar from guard, then double armbar to swinging single armbars, then finally double armbar to singles to sweep with armbar. Five-minute drilling rounds are looong!

Then three rounds to finish up. And you guys I did something Assertive!! It was great! I started out with Lauren, one of the new white belt girls (though she trained some in Florida before moving up here), so I went at her pace. But I still worked on my Assertive Goals, so I went for sweeps and passes, didn’t give up immediately at the first sign of resistance, got to side control and knee-on-belly, controlled her arms as if I would throw that armbar, let her work out but looked immediately to move back in. So, some practice, some thinking, but no aggro. And then I rolled a round with Janet and one with Jen — and I turned up the pace!! *squeal* I didn’t remember the Assertive Goals this time, but I do remember thinking, “These girls don’t need to be coddled.” I stuffed some passes and sweeps, I stuck with some of my own passes (and got them!), I did all the stuff I’d done with Lauren (but this time actually trying to finish!), and I really gritted down a couple of times to get things done. I felt so darn accomplished at the ends of all 3 of those rounds.

Open Mat after that, but I split. I’m leaving early in the morning to go visit my goddaughter, and I still needed to pack and I need to get to bed early. So good night!


One response to “Take me out to the ball– Oh, or not…

  1. Jay G. says:

    I’m happy to hear you stuck to your goals and it worked out! Always a good feeling.

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