Seeing red

Friday night was the commencement ceremony at Virginia Tech, and I decided that 1) I was too beat up to train and 2) I didn’t want to fight traffic, since the academy is right at the edge of campus. So took that night off.

Then Monday morning, I hit snooze. A lot.

So Monday night — finally, training. A lot of training…

Tim was wearing his red gi last night. Then Justin got to class from work, stopped in the doorway, and gestured to the gi he was holding — his red one. Well, at least it was easy to spot the instructors last night, heh.

Fundamentals class started with a short warmup. Then a short round of rolling (since all but one of us was a regular), which then became a series of rolls followed by drills for the rest of class. At one point I ended up with the new guy, so during the rolling I showed him basic posture from guard and basic guard break from top & bottom and then did a set of drills with him. (And once again, my powers of perception and perspective are completely screwed up — from across the room, I thought this guy was approximately my size, but then realized that he’s bigger. Of course, the first few times I saw him, he was standing next to Monster or Ari, and just about anybody looks tiny next to those two, lol.)

During the rolls, I recognized when I was playing the other guy’s game, but I couldn’t quite work out how to stop doing that. Did slightly better on fighting for sweeps and against sweep attempts, but at some point soon in my brain was a pile of sweaty mush and could hardly think past surviving.

Second class started with some standup grip work. As I stood up for this, I suddenly realized that I was very, very tired. Well… After the first round, my grips were pretty much shot. After the second round, my left hand was useless for gripping. And I was so much more tired than before.

Then we moved in to specific sparring rounds, first escaping the back, then escaping mount. Ahem — flinging your arm up is not a valid mount escape. Goodness, child. Also, it doesn’t do any good when your partner is just supposed to keep you there. And then we set up for King of the Hill with four guys on the mat. I couldn’t pass anyone from the first set. (Couldn’t even last very long, meh.) Then another round of King of the Hill; I was one of the starters this time. Managed a sweep on the first guy, then got passed. Several attempts later, I managed to pass a guard (holy cow! that doesn’t happen often in King of the Hill for me.), then hit a hook sweep on a white belt who tried to fling and run around (I’m a little proud of that one, mostly because he looked stunned), before being passed again in the third.

Thankfully, the end of that round of King of the Hill was the end of class, as I honestly don’t think I could have done much else.


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