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Friday morning, May 17, 2013

on May 17, 2013

Ten years ago, I graduated from college. This same college that some of my training partners are graduating from today and tomorrow.

Class this morning. Short warmup. A new guy came, a friend of several others, and had to bring his daughter (maybe 4yo?) with him. As soon as she figured out what the mats were, she started tumbling all across them. Then she lapped all of us multiple times during the warmup.

Then drilled the actual flower sweep that we’ve been doing the counter for all week. Then drilled the failed flower to failed bridge sweep to triangle. Then the flower to bridge to flower.

Couple sets of specific sparring from guard to finish up. First round, I did good thinking of Josh’s “Operation Be More Assertive” and was quickly moving to sweeps and passes, especially the sweeps from today and then standing passes. But the second round was with the same person, and I didn’t want to be a big meanie, so I sat back into lazy/opportunistic jiu-jitsu. And then there was an unexpected third round with a different partner, and I completely botched that in terms of assertiveness.


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