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“I’ll just go in and drill…”

on May 16, 2013

is easier said than done.

Started rolling to warmup. Then continued to roll. Then finished off with rolling. So yeah, about that drilling thing…

Tired all day after morning class. Not enough coffee in the world to keep me going. And aching. Did not help, either, that the temperature finally realized it’s supposed to be higher now, and so it shot up into the mid-80s, with humidity, and unacclimated bodies overheat quickly. So I figured I would just go in last night and drill, maybe a light roll if there was someone who could be trusted to do just that. I’d read this article earlier and realized it was spot on.

But instead, class was all rolling, and not all who I trust with my limbs. Mostly managed to avoid those, except one roll. He fixated on gripping my arm and jerking it every which way, one of which popped my elbow; I both heard and felt it. Lovely. This morning I had to pack it in ice; that stuff’s painful.

So tired after class that I went home, took a shower, ate dinner, and was in bed by 9pm. Slept hard. Now I’m trying that “in an hour early, out an hour early” at work.


2 responses to ““I’ll just go in and drill…”

  1. trainingbjj says:

    Sorry about leaning on your knee and rolling your on your neck! I hope I didn’t add to your injuries.

    • leslie says:

      Nah, the knee was already hurting — the MCL is apparently not happy with this increase in training volume. Just being a little tender. Neck’s good, too; I tapped as soon as I realized I had turned the wrong way.

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