Monday night, May 13, 2013

Two-a-days are hard. Why did I not remember this? I’m all banged up now, too, so getting comfortable in bed last night was hard. And then this morning we have frost. Frost! It’s the middle of May! Weather is borked around here something serious.

Much larger class than I was anticipating; everyone must have finished with their exams for the day and/or needed a break. Warmup started on the wall. Then partnered up to work standing; 10-min rounds of drilling, though switching back and forth. First making them step and grabbing the single leg. Then making them step and a footsweep on the near leg. (I’m pretty sure this is some judo something-or-other, but I don’t know what.) Then same, but finishing the armbar. I finally managed a few of the judo sweep that seemed pretty decent, i.e., Emily caught air, lol.

To finish class and transition to the next, a few rounds of rolling. I did try to think of the survival mechanism that had gotten me through the morning class decently, but it just wasn’t there. Had a rough time of everything.

Second class drilled the transition to the bow-and-arrow from side control when they roll away. Started with 15 reps/side/person just following and sliding in that lapel grip. Eventually progressed to the full choke.

Couple more rounds to finish up. More of the same from me. I really want to hit a higher gear when rolling, but I can’t seem to find it. Spent most of the rounds trying not to get frustrated and, honestly, wondering if it looked as bad from the peanut gallery as it did from my vantage point. Sigh.

Ha, just remembered a hilarious moment when rolling with Big Tommy (my chiropractor): he was trying to kimura me but gave me way too much room (cuz he’s too nice to put his entire weight on me — but I’m too wiggly if he doesn’t, don’tcha know) so I was just able to turn with it. When I finally escaped (mostly because he felt like he was going to twist my arm off, and he’s too nice so he let go), he said, “Your shoulders should not be that flexible.” I said, “But you’re the one who fixed them — so yes, they should be!” Heh.


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