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Oh, right, that training thing

on May 13, 2013

Friday night

I did go to the Friday night class, after the 7am meeting and then working until 5. (P.S. Ugh.) Kept myself busy enough this weekend, though, that I never wrote anything about it. I think there was a warmup that gassed me. Then after a very long day of sitting, I was tired and not up to much — so of course we started with 5-minute rounds of armbars from guard. (P.S.S. That’s a long time!) Folks were having trouble, though, so we did it again. M’kay, hamstrings and abs are kaput now. I think there ought to have been some drilling after that, but I can’t recall what it was. (At least, I’m pretty sure there was drilling because I do remember Tim showing something, but I can’t remember at all what it was. Something from guard, but not the armbars? Anyway…) Then rolling rounds. And rounds. And rounds. I do recall rolling with a new guy who muscled me around and tried to neck crank me for most of the round. Boring.

Monday morning

I still had so much stuff packed from last week, and now I’ve finally gotten to use it! Heh.

One of the local universities has already finished classes and had graduation, and Virginia Tech is currently in exams, with graduation on Saturday. So attendance this morning was sparse, even with the addition of two kids from Salem. (Don’t they have school? I dunno…)

Temps dipped down in the 40s this morning, making for some cold toes on the mat. Short warmup of mostly jogging, then drilled the full sequence that they worked up to last week — cross collar, armbar, triangle, armbar — for a little while. Drilling for today was a failed pendulum sweep then transitioning another sweep (that also fails) then to a triangle then armbar. Sequences are good, though my bridging for the second sweep was still asleep.

Then 2-min rounds of specific sparring from guard, sweep/submit vs. pass. I was feeling a little badly about not going easy on one of the kids — then the second I let myself relax, boom!, he swept me. Oh, right, that’s why I shouldn’t go easy on them. (They’re brothers, and probably both near to my size, now that I think about it. Great, I’m the same size as kids less than half my age. Hrmph.)

I think I might do better in the mornings because I’m still groggy and so my survival instincts kick in better. Whereas at night class, I’ve had a full day of trying to be a civilized person and have let my guard down.


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