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Needs a title…

on May 9, 2013

I slept in yesterday morning. Just couldn’t do it. Rather annoying, though, as I’d spent quite a bit of time the night before making my list and packing for the day.

Probably a good idea, however, because this morning I’m sore and aching from last night alone; probably would have been worse if I’d gone to class in the morning.

Last night, rolling to warmup. Good rolls with both the newer white belt women and with Will, though I was too passive with the last & didn’t take as much advantage as I should have. Then we drilled one of Tim’s favorite guard passes, which starts by driving straight up the middle to an awful knee-on-belly. Couple more rolls to finish off the night, with Buddy, Tyler, and Tim.

My sickness is almost entirely gone, though I’m still taking all the decongestant/etc. that I can. Only a little coughing during class, though, which is good.

And while I was sitting here typing this morning, I got a meeting request for work. For tomorrow. For 7 a.m.. Fo’ serious? So it appears that I will miss morning class yet again this week. Ugh.


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