Two in one day!

Haven’t done that in a while. All day long, I was soooo tired. Did not help that it’s stormy here, and the sky was so dark a few times that it looked like the middle of the night out there.

Class started with a warmup, which was on the one hand not welcome as I tired from the morning but on the other hand was quite welcome as I was stiff from sitting around at work all day. Then worked dominant side control to back take, with bonus choke. Second class was all timed rolls. Rolled with a spazzy white belt who I would have rather not rolled with, but apparently I actually have some jiu-jitsu and was able to handle him at least well enough to thoroughly frustrate him. Hey, might be something to this after all.

Tired and achy last night and this morning, though at least I got a good amount of sleep. The sky is again dark and stormy and looks like night out there. And with a two-a-day behind me, I’m still likely to nod off at any moment…


One thought on “Two in one day!

  1. My friend has a blog about BJJ you might enjoy reading its called “crawl atop and meet your doom” it’s all about training and begin a chick.
    We train together anyways just wanted to share that with you, your blogs cool ^-^

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