Why is it Monday already…?

I need longer weekends. And Sunday nights full of sleep. This one, once again, was filled with a storm banging against the house and waking me up. Do not want.

But thankfully I had had the foresight (and foreknowledge of myself before coffee, lol) to pack everything last night (well, except for the things I forgot about, but that’s a different story) and even to haul it all out to the car then. So this morning I only had to get dressed and put my contacts in and then not fall asleep on the drive over.

Short warmup, though it honestly felt like too much for a morning. Oh, I did try the jumping up and down thing after forwards and backwards rolls. It may have helped, though I was possibly too sleepy to tell.

Then paired for armbars from guard. Drilling was cross-collar choke from guard, then switching to the armbar when they defend the choke by reaching across. Then a couple rounds of positional sparring from guard, sweep/submit vs pass. I managed to be not entirely passive, which surprised me more than anyone. (Also, most of it was not conscious decisions, but half-asleep reactions. I think I grapple better in my sleep….)

All is not rainbows and sunshine, however (also, it’s raining right now) — I managed to forget some necessary shower things and then also used shower soap in my hair instead of shampoo. So apparently I don’t bathe well in my sleep…

Now to stay awake until evening class and to not get screwed up thinking I’ve already trained so therefore it must be evening now and time to go home and sleep. Right? Right? …No? Rats.


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