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Well, pooh

on April 25, 2013

Doctor yesterday. This time she prescribed antibiotics. (Also gave me more codeine cough syrup, which is wonderful stuff that lets me sleep through the night.) So I’m out again until sometime later. Am not enjoying this. :K


2 responses to “Well, pooh

  1. Alex Kennedy says:

    raw garlic, natures antibiotic. I throw it in the juicer with my veggies. I haven’t been sick for years

  2. MC says:

    I was listening to this radio show (Dr. Zorba, “On Your Health”) on Sunday and thought of you. Caller #5 asked about a chronic cough. It’s hard to tell what they discussed by reading the summary, but there’s a “listen to the show” link. It was pretty easy to understand on the air.

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