No, not again. Not allowed.

This weekend, the same cough crap tried to get hold on me again. I’ve been taking all the medicines (though all the meds I had were the drowsy kind), but yesterday it was still disgusting. However, I had everything packed and I felt fine except for that irritated spot in the back of my throat. Ugh. So I went to class anyway, hoping that we would drill a lot and I could do that only.

New woman tonight — she’s trained previously down in Florida, but has moved up here for grad school. Su-weet.

Short warmup, thank goodness, then on to drilling scissor sweep, then to the push variation, and finally to finishing the armbar from mount. Worked with one of the other newer girls. Throat was not happy, and I kept having to run off to cough. Gah.

Second class, they just rolled, and I sat out & watched. (Of my own volition, too. Hey now.) When they started to wind down, I headed out, with a stop to get ALL THE MEDS! (non-drowsy, this time).

So one of the things that we do at my work is make the phone systems that let you enter/get information (IVRs). You know, “Press 1 for this, Press 2 for that.” (I promise, we design them well. The client generally mucks it up, and ultimately their way goes, if we can’t convince them why ours is better.) Sometimes we use text-to-speech (the “robot voice”) or we hire a professional voice talent to do the recordings. But recently we picked up a very small job, and they didn’t want to go outside the office but didn’t want the robot, so they pulled me in to a small conference room and set a microphone in front of me and said, “Go!” Talk about nerve-wracking…

Usually I hear my own voice and think I sound like a squirrel. But that day, I was just coming off the first bout of the cold/cough thing, so my voice was a little deeper and slightly raspy and actually almost sounded okay to my own ears. (Still, it’s harder than you think to say these things with the exact right inflection.)

Then I came in this morning and the project manager tells me that the client has changed their minds about the text in some of the prompts and wants them re-recorded. I can’t do them today because I probably sound awful, but soon I’ll be right back in the same coming-back-from-a-cough place that I was when we did the first recording. Heh.


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