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Friday weather

on April 20, 2013

Weather patterns this year have all the weather coming on Fridays. This week, at least, was not snow again, but rather lots of rain and wind and cold (and tornado watches for a good part of the state, though I don’t see any reports of them actually showing up in the news. So that’s good.). I guess maybe some people thought jiu-jitsu was rained out? Cuz there was only a small group there last night.

Rolling to warmup. Did some things well. Some not so well. Also, I think my headgear is crushing my ear just as often as it’s protecting it. Meh. (The problem is that my head’s too small even when the straps are tightened just about as much as they can be. May have to get a kids’ size…). Also, though some of my training partners have mentioned that the chinstrap makes it more difficult to get their arms around my neck, I’ve pointed out to them that once they do get around, then the choke is much tighter.

Drilled a half-guard pass to far-side kimura. The cop who trains with us asked Justin something about what could he do to subdue a guy from here, and Justin showed some slick magic that turned the guy belly-down and captured both hands behind the back. He showed it several times, and each time it just looked more smooth. Class stopped to gawk. Pretty sure it involved twisting the guy’s body through the fourth dimension, because he was there and suddenly he’s here.

Then Justin opened the mat for questions about anything. Someone wanted advice on guillotines and someone else, guard passing, so Justin reviewed his philosophy on those and on jiu-jitsu in general. I love when he gets going on technique discussions like that, because he always says at least one thing (usually several) that clarifies and fixes things in my game.

One roll with finish up, and then it was off in the wind and cold. Now I’m up ridiculously early waiting on a load of mulch to arrive — and then for the temperature to warm up so I can start putting it down.


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