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A, B, C — 1, 2, 3?

on April 18, 2013

My coworkers and I have discovered that the Irish pub in town (despite having really, really, really slow service) has fabulous food. Corned beef on a hamburger? Yes, please. Corned beef on practically everything? Oh, yes. So we’ve been eating there frequently.

Rolling to warmup. I didn’t feel too dumb, and that’s a feeling I could learn to like. Then more half-guard drilling, now turning over their leg and running them if you can’t hit any of the other sweeps, finally working up to the bow-and-arrow choke. I stayed for a bit of Open Mat to get in another roll, too.

Right now, it seems as if everything all the instructors are saying — Tim, Justin, Andrew, Will — is geared straight for me. I can’t remember the half of it when I actually want to (such as right now, heh), but it does seem to show up in rolling, at least, so that’s something.

I’ve also been thinking: my knee is well again. Except for extreme twisting positions (which, realistically, have always been uncomfortable, though I had never thought too much about them), I’m generally unaware of it. I still don’t bridge enough or hard enough, and my hooks are still weak and generally useless. Zero timing, as well. So what I really need is more drilling and more jiu-jitsu, and now I should be able to handle it. There’s the matter of figuring out what schedule would work (I like things to be scheduled as efficiently as possible, and I’m still enjoying my weeknight evenings at home), so I’ll have to see what that might look like.

The building that our academy is in recently installed a bank of mailboxes labeled 1 through whatever for all of the occupants. That’s nice… except all the spaces are labeled A through whatever… Well, at least they tried.


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