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on April 16, 2013

A decent warmup, though fo’ serious we need to stop doing forwards/backwards rolls at the beginning because they mess up my equilibrium and then I’m slightly off for the rest of the warmup.

Then two-minute rounds of specific sparring from half guard. Emphasis this month has been on half-guard as a dynamic position, whereas I have usually used it as a static position. I’ve been working to use it that way, but it’s hard — had to fight my own inclination to go straight back to guard or back out/change their guard, which is generally what I want to do if I can’t find a sweep or a pass or can’t slide out the back door.

And then drilling was… getting back to guard from half-guard. *snort* Then added going straight for the triangle. Solid drilling for both classes. Ended with more shrimping, as that seemed to be the sticking point for most people, and then, for good measure, practiced some hook movement.


2 responses to “Dynamic

  1. Leaahh says:

    If you are dizzy from spinning or rolling, the best way to fix your equilibrium is to hop up and down– for me, three times is plenty to reset my equilibrium. This is the technique I learned in both ballet and gymnastics for when we got dizzy from pirouetting or flipping/twisting without a spot.

    That class that you just described sounds really all over the place. Is that the normal schedule for your classes?

    • leslie says:

      Huh, I’ll have to try that next time. I’ve only ever heard to try to watch the same spot, and that totally doesn’t work in this situation.

      Structure does vary sometimes, depending on who’s in class, but this was actually normal — warmup, specific sparring, then drilling. Sometimes there’s not the specific sparring, and it’s just warmup and drilling. Straight-up rolling often gets pushed to Open Mat.

      The warmup, on the other hand, usually IS all over the place.

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