Back on the mats, Take Two

Sore everywhere right now. And my neck is all gi-burned first from drilling and then from Tim’s son wanting to play with chokes later.

Armbars from guard to start, which was probably just as well as I’m not sure how I would have survived a real warmup. Nearly two weeks off the mat’ll do that do ya…. Worked with a newer guy who had lots of questions. Then armbar to sweep. Then we were going to add from the sweep to mount to cross-collar choke/armbar hybrid (get Tim to do it to you — there is no more breathing), but I think enough people had a “Do whaaaa—?” expression on their face (which I couldn’t see as Tim was choking me at the time) that he decided to just make it cross-collar choke from mount with a later added simple & elegant detail that made me say, “Now that is jiu-jitsu.” Also made the choke far more miserable. Which is always good.

Next class started with a few rounds of rolling. Then drilled a double-under pass that looked like you were just throwing yourself under the bus, but once you got it, you were just shucking your partner’s legs and sliding past them. (But on first glance — and first try — it seems like a terrible idea.)

Much like this, only we grabbed the lapels on either side of the hips and used that to control the hips:

A long round of rolling to finish up/move in to Open Mat. I rolled with Tim’s 10-year-old son, who was using me like a jungle gym and was all about the lapel chokes.

Sore and aching by the time I got home last night, and still aching this morning, so I reset the alarm and rolled back over, skipping the morning lifting class. Then woke up to find an overturned bowl on the stove with a note: “Stinkbug.” Thanks, little brother.


3 thoughts on “Back on the mats, Take Two

  1. Oh, yeah, I forgot the best part of last night — I was so proud of myself for remembering everything I needed for class (contacts, flip flops, etc.) until I went to get dressed and realized I’d forgotten my belt. Doh. It was still in the clean laundry. So I flapped around without a belt all night. During the fundamentals class, Tim was grabbing me to demonstrate on, and at some point he stopped and said, “Wait, where’s your belt?” Heh.

  2. The stinkbug isn’t *quite* as bad as what a friend of mine related to me was routine in his household: If you found cat puke, you just left it there with a note saying “Cat Puke” and an arrow. There was only one unfortunate soul who would actually clean up the cat puke.

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