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Here’s to 5 more

on April 4, 2013

Finally got back on the mats last night after over a week of battling a cold. Wasn’t anywhere even close to 100%, but I was about at the limit of time off that I could stand. Did find out that the same thing that I’ve had — or worse — has been sweeping through the team, too.

I’d decided that I should just probably drill and sit out on rolling; that would be the smart thing. Well, then class was front-loaded with a lot of rolling. Doh. (Wednesday’s generally are because the MMA/MT class is first, so anyone who does that class is already warmed up and ready to go.) So I rolled, just keeping myself nice and slow. And suddenly, miraculously, there were annoying hooky things, there were sweeps, there was spinning and movement and following — where did this jiu-jitsu come from?! It’s lacking some necessary intensity, but otherwise, it was my jiu-jitsu! Nice to see you again, bub.

Class finished up with some half-guard sweeping. By then I was tired, both mentally and physically, and starting to get a little light-headed/dizzy. And the coughing was starting to tickle again, which is no fun. So I packed it in. Seems like it was just the right amount of output. Too tired to get up for lifting class this morning (I may try for tomorrow), but it was a good kind of tired.

Another reason I really wanted to be on the mats last night is that last night marked 5 years since I first took a deep breath and plunged into this exciting world of BJJ. Here’s to 5 more!


One response to “Here’s to 5 more

  1. Darqnezz says:

    Happy anniversary. Glad you’re feeling better.

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