Back to lifting

Sort of. I went to class this morning, but it didn’t go so well…

A. Overhand pullups — 3xmax — 5, 5, 5

I originally went with the red band, since the lady I was working in with was using it. That’s the strongest band/most assistance. So I stepped into it and swung around to face the bar… and my chin was 4 inches over the bar. Um, yeah, that’s apparently a lot of assistance… So I switched to the green (next highest) band.

B. 4 x 12:
B1. back squats: bar
B2. incline press: 15lb dbs
B3. shrugs: 25lb dbs

C. 3 x 15:
C1. mountain climbers: 1 round
C2. burpees: 1 rounds
When I stood up after these, I was light-headed and dizzy. Oh boy… So I stepped over to the boxes for box jumps and sat. It passed soon enough, but I knew better than to push it. I finished up the next two exercises in the set:
C3. db snatch (right): 15lb db
C4. db snatch (left): 15lb db

A little dizzy again after those, so I sat again. Then I did a modified round that the trainer suggested, just going nice and slow:
C1. situps: 15
C2. pushups: 15
C3. db snatch (right): 15lb db
C4. db snatch (left): 15lb db

Should be able to get back to BJJ tomorrow night.


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