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The weather is borked

on March 21, 2013

First day of Spring was yesterday. So of course it snowed this morning. I’m so over snow right now…

BJJ – Intermediate/Advanced – Wednesday night

Started with a warmup, then moved on to drilling armdrag to taking the back to cross-collar choke. A couple of rounds to top it off.

I decided to focus on two things while the search for my jiu-jitsu continues:

  1. Getting everything in deeper and tighter (not just before submissions, which is where Tim pointed it out, but everywhere — also important because I’m often not in position for a submission and then there’s nothing to practice)
  2. Hooks/all points of contact

That’s it. Just those two. My brain kept trying to come up with other things, too, and I had to remember to strike down those extraneous goals and repeat those two. Felt pretty good about the frequency with which I’d practiced them by the end of the night, though I probably could have grabbed more grips to work on #1 more.

Lifting – Thursday morning

Does not like mornings. Ugh.

A. Horizontal pullups (rings): 3×10

B. 4×12:
B1. back squat — bar/45lbs
B2. shoulder press — 15lb dbs
B3. shrugs — 25lb dbs

C. 3×15
C1. rower (to 15cals) — 1:03, 1:03, 1:00
C2. box jump — 18″
C3. burpees — wah!
C4. db snatch — 15lb dbs

Heh, was feeling pretty good after B, but then C wrecked me something fierce. At the end I just collapsed on the boxes for a little while. This workout used to be easier, when we did timed rounds (30s on/15s off or something); I noticed that my previous numbers were generally less than 15. So we did more work.

(Speaking of work, now I have to figure out a way to stay awake while I’m at work…)


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