is my brain.

Somehow it got convinced that Monday was actually Friday (don’t ask me), and then that Tuesday was Friday, and then that yesterday was Friday…. In other words, it’s been a very long week of dashed hopes as each day proves not to be Friday.

BJJ, Wednesday night

At least I remembered all my auxiliary parts last night. Going from fuzzy to glasses on Monday was giving me a headache. Though now I think I left my brain behind — I just don’t seem to know what I’m doing out there at the moment. My brain can’t seem to process anything or come up with any sort of plan or even an idea. Is not fun. I feel so fragmented and useless.

Three rounds of rolling to warmup, then drilling half-guard passes, then three more rounds of rolling. I managed somehow to roll with the same three people each time. A few moments where I remembered what I’m supposed to be working on, not that much came of those moments anyway.

Lifting, Thursday morning

A. Overhand pullups, max reps: purple band — 5, 4, 4

B. 4 rounds of:
B1. back squats: 65lbs x 12
B2. incline press: 20lb dbs x 12
B3. bent over row: 15lb dbs x 12

C. 3 rounds of:
C1. mountain climbers: 15/leg
C2. burpees: 12
C3. db snatch, right: 15lbs x 12
C4. db snatch, left: 15lbs x 12

I’ve done this workout once before, and both sets B and C had time limits (e.g., “30s on/15s off”), but for today we ignored the times and just did reps, which I like much better. If we’re doing timed sets, then I typically back off the weights a bit — and I won’t do squats weighted and timed — because I know my brain is going to probably ignore the fact that I’m trying hard to do the reps right rather than fast and will at some point insert some atrocious form in order to squeeze in more reps. But I rather like my spine, so I try to circumvent my own destructive tendencies. Heh.


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