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I’m a mess!

on March 12, 2013

Mouthpiece? Check.
Headgear over cauliflower? Check.
Hair that won’t stay in place? Check.
Rip in gi pants? Check.
Missing contacts? Check.

I’m sure I looked a sight last night to start, and then on top of the rest, I’d forgotten to bring my contacts with me (I brought my glasses case, which usually has my contacts case in it, but alas, the contacts were not there). So I was squinty-eyed and had to get right up in people’s faces to see them. Later during rolls, I’d forget that I didn’t have them in, and I’d suddenly freak out that my contacts had come out. Thankfully I remembered before I started looking around on the mat for them…

The experience did show me, however, how much I apparently rely on sight in my jiu-jitsu, as I felt lost and had no confidence during rolling. It was pretty much like rolling with one arm tucked in to my belt. By the end of a roll, I felt better as I knew all the distances and such, but at the start, I felt like I was brand-new! Lol, and then I went to roll with Andrew, and he warned me that he was apparently being mean (I guess someone had commented so); I said that was fine, as I wouldn’t even see it coming. Heh.

This week is Spring Break for the local universities, so there’s a large number of people missing.

There was a new girl last night; she said it was her second class, but she already had a gi. I think she said she’s done other martial arts before.

Fundamentals class started with a warmup and then was all about armbars and variations. Intermediate/Adv was all rolling. I tried to do what Tim had mentioned last week — cinch things in before moving on. Many times where I realized I’d just missed an opportunity; maybe one or two where I actually did it, even though I don’t think I got anywhere after that; and then lots of watching the purple belts as they did this same thing to me over & over and trying to take notes of all the places and ways.


2 responses to “I’m a mess!

  1. Darqnezz says:

    I’ve got 3 words for you: LASIK Eye Surgery. It’s absolutely the best decision I’ve ever made (No more missing contacts causing freak outs). I read somewhere that Rickson use to have his students roll with their eyes closed. Even though I’m a beginner I try to do it as well, especially when I’m trying to focus on my breathing. Love the blog.

    • leslie says:

      Except I’m the biggest weenie when it comes to anyone getting anywhere close to my eyes. My ophthalmologist has a terrible time when I come in. One of my teammates has had it, and he also extols the virtues, but I get nervous just thinking about it. *shudder*

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