Monday morning when my internal clock is screwed up…

Doesn’t seem to matter which way we go with Daylight Savings Time — my body and brain are also screwed up afterwards. Could not fall asleep last night until sometime after midnight (and with a dose of melatonin). *le sigh* At least I remembered to set my alarm…

The end of last week saw me go down with a cold that torched my throat and left me unable to breathe. The cold also forced me to stay home this weekend instead of going to see my goddaughter, and I’m still frustrated about that. Instead, I’ll go down to see them this coming weekend, though I can’t stay as long, pooh.


Now this was a workout!

A. DB complex: 3×10
A1. shrugs (replaced upright rows): 25lbs
A2. snatch: 15lbs
A3. thruster: 15lbs
A4. bent over row: 15lbs
A5. snatch: 15lbs

B. box squat: 4-6RM
– 45lbs
– 115lbs
– 145lbs
– 175lbs

Heh, I was set up to work in with the other short lady. The bar on the squat right was just right for her, but still a few inches too tall for me. Hrmph, okay, am short. Then on the last set, I misjudged how far back the bench was and didn’t step back far enough. I missed the bench, and then my body decided to find the bench so my butt went backwards but that left my shoulders and back all alone with 175lbs on them and I nearly pitched forward. Scared the trainer there. (Scared me, too!) Thankfully nothing seemed strained, so we re-racked the bar and I tried again.

C. 4 rounds:
C1. split squat*: 12 x 15lbs, 5lbs, 5lbs, 5lbs
C2. db swing**: 15 x 20lbs, 25lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs
C3. weighted situps (holding a dumbbell in each hand straight overhead the whole time): 15 x 5lbs, 5lbs, 5lbs, 5lbs

*Did these soooo deep, and my quads did not like having much weight added on.
**I think I could have gone heavier, hrm.

D. 500m row for time: 1:57.4
Would have been faster but I nearly catapulted myself off the seat a few times and had to stop to readjust.

After the rower, I just tipped off the side and sat there for a moment. Glutes and hamstrings and quads were screaming. Trying to stand was hilarious. Gonna feel this one for a few days, I’m thinking. Like.


3 thoughts on “Monday morning when my internal clock is screwed up…

    • Yeah, kinda — box squats using the bench press bench, which is not even to parallel for short-legged me. So it’s more like a curtsy. So I should make them get me a lower box next time (easier to think of after caffeine and after 6am). Good idea!

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