Buddy on break

BJJ, Wednesday night

Buddy #1, who graduated and moved away. But he had this week off, so he came up here to hang out and train. So although I really wanted to take the entire week completely off, I went in to train last night.

Started with some warmup rolls, then to drilling against butterfly. Couple more rounds, and I did get a round with Buddy, who is just as smooth as ever. Also a round with Tim at the end, and he pointed out that I’m getting the setup for a submission just fine but am keeping it loose, which means that when I make the final transition, (1) the submission isn’t set up as tightly as it could be and (2) there’s room in the transition for an escape. For example, this first came up on a bow-and-arrow choke from technical mount — I got the lapel, but I just held it: I didn’t tighten it there; so when I started to move to set up the finish, there’s a lot of slack, resulting in both them being able to escape and in the final submission (should they not escape) not being tight. So this is what he wants me to work on: closing space, particularly with submission setups, before the final transition. I managed to see one place for this later in the roll and did it, though missed several more that he pointed out.

Lifting, Thursday morning

A. incline bench: 3x15x15lbs

B. Tabatas!
B1. squat: 89
B2. pushups: 40 (left wrist wimped out)
B3. situps: 64
B4. shrugs + calf raise (replaced sumo high pull): 45?? totally lost count
B5. jump rope: done
B6. rower (for “cals”): 44

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