US Grappling, NC State Championships, March 2, 2013

Short version:

  • Nogi, weight: 2nd (of 4)
  • Nogi, absolute: 2nd (of 4)
  • Gi, weight: 2nd (of 2)
  • Gi, absolute: 3rd (of 4)

My GPS apparently takes a lot of pleasure in the scenic route and in going in circles. I was glad, then, that I had decided to go down early Friday night. I weighed in heavier than I wanted, but I think in the end that actually made the weight classes work out the same or better. *shrug*

Nogi, Intermediate, weight class

First match with Amanda. Won with an armbar:

Second match with Ashley. Lost on points, 6-0, all on takedowns! I kept thinking about them, but just could not pull the trigger and commit to any for myself:

(This is only the second half of the match. I’d asked some kids to help film it, and they missed most of it, it seems. Oh well — it was pretty much the same thing then, too.)

2nd in nogi weight.

Nogi, Intermedite, absolute

First match with Chelsea. Won on a guillotine:

I decided that I was going to do a takedown in this match, and I blasted through that one at the beginning.

Second match with Kim. Lost to a RNC:

2nd in nogi absolute.

Gi, blue belt, weight class

Ashley and I were the only two. Chelsea and another lady were the other, smaller, weight class. I didn’t want to lose on only takedown points again, so this time she beat me on lots of points from everywhere. Oh. That wasn’t quite what I’d meant:

Holy cats, I’m feeling that first takedown this morning!

2nd in gi weight.

Gi, blue belt, absolute

Kim again. Lost to an armbar/wrist twist/this is going to be bad very soon:

Still had a 3rd place match against Chelsea. Won this on points, 25-4, maybe. But look at her bridge, wow!:

3rd in gi weight.

Things I need to work on:

  • bridging! (I want bridges likes Chelsea’s.)
  • pulling the trigger on takedowns

My hair was braided in cornrows for the day, but they didn’t last too long — by the end of nogi, you can see that they’re about half way out. (I had to bum a hair tie off of Ashley, just like at camp, to keep it in place the rest of the day). By the end of gi, they’re about 3/4 out. So not an infallible hairstyle for BJJ.

And then my GPS tried to drive me around in circles again on the way home…

3 thoughts on “US Grappling, NC State Championships, March 2, 2013

  1. Looking good!
    I really enjoy reading your blog. It’s so awesome to read about someone with similar frustrations and problems like me.

    I just started my grappling adventure in Nov 2012 and since there are no other females where I train (apart from the occasional “just here to try it out”) I haven’t rolled with girls yet. Also, I weigh 46 kg so everybody’s bigger and stronger than me.

    Could you maybe write a couple of words or even a post about rolling with girls vs. rolling with boys? Does it help in competition to train with boys or would you prefer to train with people your size?
    Do you feel that males your size are stronger than females your size?

    So, I’m signing up for my first grappling tournament (no-gi) in about a month. It’s 4 min. rounds with no points – you only get points if it’s a draw (1 p each) or if you win (3 p). Depending on the groups, you’ll have 3-6 matches with maybe 4-8 min. rest in between.
    The weight classes for females are -50 kg, -60 kg, +60 kg and it looks like I’ll either have to fight in the +60 kg for women OR in the -66 kg for men. What would be the best option for me?
    I’m signing up in the beginner class which is for people with less than 1½ years of training – I’ve been training for about 6 month. Should I rather wait until next year, where I’ll still be in the beginner bracket, but with 1 y 5 m of experience?
    I’ll obviously lose, but that’s fine with me.

  2. When to enter a tournament — Now. Not later. There’s never a “perfect time,” you’ve never trained “enough,” you never have “enough” experience. Enter now, when there’s no pressure on you. Get used to the experience, especially the adrenaline and the intensity. (Also, just because the bracket goes up to 1.5y, that doesn’t mean that everyone else will be just below the cutoff; sometimes they’ll even have less experience than you!) If you wait a year, you’ll have the additional pressure of being at the top of the experience bracket, without the benefit of having competed before.

    Who to fight — I would sign up for the available women’s division.

    Male vs. females — Dudes are stronger. Stupid biology. But they are. In general, between a woman and a man who weigh exactly the same, the man will be stronger. And if both have the same training, the man will definitely be stronger. (This is why you’re better off in a women’s division.)

    Training for a tournament — Now that I have the luxury of female training partners my size and skill, I prefer training with the women before a tournament because of the intensity and size differences. I’ve trained with guys so long that even women larger than me feel “small” when I roll with them; they don’t take up the space I’m used to, and I sometimes have a hard time adjusting to being “mean” with pressure in order to close that space, so I’m not as tight as I should be. Other women will also give you the same intensity that you’ll get from your opponents; guys are doing their best, but they’re generally going either too light or too heavy. Training with guys is still good, but I feel much more prepared — and more confident — when I’ve worked with people my own size.

    My 3rd fight up there, where I blasted out that takedown, is a result of training with women. I’ve trained takedowns before with the guys, and I came away deciding that I was going to pull guard only because I was so terrible at takedowns. This time my teammate Jen and I worked on takedowns before the tournament, and I was finally actually able to start hitting them like I wanted to. Once I got my head straight from losing on takedown points in the 2nd fight, I decided to hit that takedown and I did.

  3. Hey, thank you for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it.

    I’ll definitely sign up this year then, my instructor agrees with you. Plus I can always sign up in the beginner bracket next year as well.

    I’d love to train with someone my size and sex. I have one training partner who’s about my size – he’s 15 years and weigh 50 kg, so that’s as close as I get (though he’s been training muay thai for two years now and is really, really fast, I always gas out before him).

    Also, my take-downs really suck. I can’t even pull them off against non-resisting opponents. Granted, they are at least 20 kg heavier than me (MMA), but stillll… sigh, so much to work on.

    Anyways, thank you! Your answer was really helpful.

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