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Chokes ‘r’ Us

on February 26, 2013

Warmup that wasn’t too terrible until the jumping jacks-burpees sets. Can’t feel my legs!

Standing in guard drills next, before moving on to the first choke from side control. Drilled for the rest of the Fundamentals class, with a short break of two rolls between.

I’d forgotten about wearing my headgear — even though I’d purposely left my mouthguard over with it on that side, assuming that I would at least remember that, but, no — and after the first round my ear felt “big” again. Kind of felt like there was a bug sitting on it or something. Totally weird. (It did actually feel puffy last night, but this morning it’s back down to just a little bump. I was planning to go to the doctor to get it drained, but it seems to be nearly normal right now.) Definitely grabbed both mouthguard and headgear for the second round, though, and also wore it all during the second class, just in case.

Then on to another choke in the Intermediate/Advanced class. My neck was well-choked out by the end. This morning I have red marks where I guess my skin was pinched repeatedly. Lovely. Should have worn the turtleneck sweater today… I was also drilling here with Tim’s son, who was fascinated by the idea that I might be getting ears like his dad’s, and he kept trying to peer inside the headgear to see if it was swelling up.

Couple rounds of rolling to finish it off, including trying to puzzle out Will’s seemingly invincible entry straight to a calf crusher. No luck.


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