The Friday that couldn’t come soon enough

I don’t know what it was about this week, but it was long. Time seemed to be dragging. But, finally, Friday, and that means nogi training.

Huge class, which is not usual for a Friday evening — but I did hear several people say they had thought that it would be a small class, so they had decided to go. And because everyone decided to go, it turned in to a large class. Heh.

Warmup, then drilling the Big Poppa choke for the rest of the Fundamentals class. Then drilling a slide right in to another choke should they frame solidly enough that you can’t finish the first.

Couple of rounds of rolling afterwards. I had to pull out my little-used headgear because I have a small spot of cauliflower on one ear. Boo hiss! It doesn’t seem like it has anything to drain (?), but I certainly don’t want it getting any bigger, that’s for sure.

This morning, I elected to sleep in. Body is tired. Also, I’m almost 2 weeks behind on putting away my laundry — not on washing it, that’s done, but on folding it and getting it off my bedroom floor. For some reason, this is the one household chore that I always put off. And off. And off.


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