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By 2s! Doh.

on February 21, 2013

BJJ, Wednesday night

The day off seems to have done me good, as I was actually functional last night. Always nice.

Rolling to warmup, starting/restarting under side control but live after that. Then drilled another side control escape, which had the convenient end result of ending you in side control on them. My partner and I figured out that we could just switch back and forth like that. And then Andrew had the whole class do it that way, which lead to a lot of run-ins but was highly amusing.

Finished off class with a couple of rolls, and then those of us competing stayed for extra rounds. P.S. If I fight a 200+lb girl, I should be ready!

Lifting, this morning

A. 3 rounds:
A1. airsquat – 3×15
A2. bench press – 3x10x15lbs
A3. ball slam – 3×10

B. Weighted pullups
– 1 round – green band only – x6
– 1 round – 18lb vest + green band – x6
– 1 round – 19.4lb vest + green band – x6

C. 3 rounds:
C1. shoulder press: 1x15lbs dbs
C1.5. band rehab: 2 rounds
C2. pullups (green band): 8, 6, 6

Yeah, that’s not a typo — weighted pullups followed by regularly pullups. Yeowch!

D. 30s rounds:
D1. bent over row (15lbs): 14, 13, 12
D2. db hammer curls (10lbs): 9, 8, 8

E. Rx: descending pushups: 20-1

Except, my arms and shoulders were done, so I subbed airsquats.

So I did rounds of 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12… The trainer checked on me during the 12 round and asked what number I was on. Then when I started the next round, she said, “So you’re on 10 now?” I said, “11.” She said, “10.” I said, “11.” Then she explained that I was supposed to drop by **2** each round. I, instead, dropped by only 1. So I finished up my 11 round, and then stopped.


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