Oh, right, I did that “BJJ thing” last night…

*ponder* Although I do have my gym bag packed for tonight, I’m starting to wonder at the wisdom of training again when I’m already this worn down — I hardly seem to know what day it is (although I keep repeating “Tuesday, Tuesday” to myself), I nearly cried in a meeting at work this morning that had no reason for that, and I completely forgot that I went to class last night & should write a post. Also, I feel as if I could fall asleep right now and sleep for quite a while. Clearly, something is not right in my head at the moment… But if I don’t go, then I’ll feel obligated to train on Saturday — but, if Jen can come in on Saturday again and wreck me like she did last week, then I probably ought to train on Saturday anyway. The tournament is next weekend, so I would like to think that I can train through the pain for another week and a half, and then I can rest afterward; but on the other hand, I have to make it through that last stretch of training… yeah. Hrm. So rather than talking myself in to training tonight regardless, I think I’m actually talking myself out of training. But I do have to go grocery shopping tonight, and that is in the building right next to the academy, so I can still postpone a final decision until then. (But I bet we can all guess which way I’m leaning.)

Anyway, there really was class last night, and I did really go. Short warmup that did not kill me (yay!) and then on to drilling some unconventional but not too advanced escapes from side control for constant drilling for two whole classes. Nice. One roll during Open Mat, but then I was mentally exhausted, so took myself off home.


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