No snooze for you!

After class Saturday morning, I went home, took a shower, ate, and took a nap. Then woke up, puttered around a bit, realized I was still exhausted, and so took another nap.

I have been gleefully hitting the snooze button for the last two days. When the alarm went off today, I headed over to the other side of the room to do the same, then abruptly remembered that it’s Monday, and that means workout.

A. Overhand pullups (green band): 10, 6, 6

B. 30s on/15s off (1-min rest between):
B1. airsquats: 13, 13, 11, 13
B2. incline bench press (15lbs): 10, 11, 11, 10
B3. Bent over row (10lbs): 10, 12, 14, 14

C. 1min on/15s off (1-min rest between):
C1. mountain climbers: yes, yes, yes
C2. burpees: 8, 10, 10
C3. db snatch Right (15lbs): 16, 15, 13
C4. db snatch Left (15lbs): 14, 17, 16

So hard to keep moving during mountain climbers and burpees. I’m pretty sure I could sleep for the entire day now…


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