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Valentine’s Tabata!

on February 14, 2013

Last night

My grandfather is in the hospital, so last night my mom and I went to visit him and then take my grandmother home. No training for me; some things are more important.

This morning

I knew it was tabatas, and I got up anyway and went. Masochist!

A. Incline Bench Press: 3×15 x15lb dbs

B. Tabatas!
B1. squats: 71
B2: pushups: 63
B3. situps: 55
B4. rower: 41 cals/738m
B5. shrugs (sub for Sumo Deadlift High Pull): 71 (15lb dbs)
B6. jump rope: yes (supposed to be double-unders, but I opted for something I can actually do rather than just waste time)

Pushups degraded rapidly from normal to knees to using one of the boxes. Left shoulder still not happy with any lowering movement. And my right shoulder wouldn’t make the final pull on SDHP, so I had to substitute shrugs again.

There’s a moment after I finish my shower, when I put my pajamas back on to make breakfast, and then I have to walk by my bed, still unmade and waiting. And I want so badly to just crawl right back in there… *le sigh*


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