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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

Working out the aches

on February 13, 2013

Sure, my shoulders hurt from Monday morning’s shoulder-intensive lifting class. That’s expected. But why do my legs hurt?! Last week’s two leg days are far behind me. Although, I did hear a couple other people complaining last night that their legs hurt, too, so maybe there’s something in the air.

New guy — a Leo Dalla purple in vet school down here. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him, but I hope he’s able to train regularly. I like having new games to play against.

Warmup, then on to drilling: a knee-on-belly switch that Justin made look so simple but that all of us floundered on. So then we lined up all facing the front door, each of us centered on a line between the mats (to substitute as our partner’s spine), and we practiced and practiced and practiced the sequence. From the street, it probably looked like we were rehearsing some ensemble choreography, lol: step, switch, sweep! Again!

Later when we went back to drilling, Janet and I figured out that we were missing a few things: (1) planting the stepping foot right up against the back, (2) being mean about space and pressure, and (3) keeping your hands on them throughout (which gives you more control, sure, but also lets you balance easier!). Adding those in made it much easier to drill.

Then added taking the back from there rather than letting them flatten back out.

Drilling took all of class, so Open Mat was for rolling. Good round with Guillaume, though I was exhausted before too long. I caught the baseball bat choke from last night off the bridge (which is far more evil than the initial knee-on-belly setup). He tapped and looked at me oddly; I said that it was one of the techniques from Monday night. He said, okay, good, that Tim had got him with the exact same thing at the morning class and he had been wondering how we had both caught the same technique that he hadn’t seen, lol. I kept looking for the X-guard to berimbolo that Tyler did Monday, but Guillaume seemed to be steadfastly avoiding going to X-guard.

New guys before class were nervously — and loudly — counting the number of white belts in the room, saying they were afraid of all “the cool people with color” and that maybe they had a chance of winning (seriously) if there were white belts. (And then in rolling, they targeted white belts. Yeah…) Then after class as I was changing, I overheard those same guys asking each other how many times they had “won” during rolling and making excuses for the (multiple) times they had “lost.” *eyeroll*


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