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Monday, February 11

on February 12, 2013

I made quite a sight at work yesterday — one shoulder steeping in Tiger Balm; the other packed with an ice pack. Then later, a heating pad rotated through the shoulders. Ow.

The warmup last night absolutely blasted my legs. But it’s my arms that worked out this morning, and… but… Oh, well. Extension of drilling — armbars from mount for 2 minutes. There was an odd number, and I was the odd one out, so I went in the back and dragged out the grapple dummy. Did the first 2-minute round. Then they switched top and bottom… and I did another 2-minute round. Then a set of 1-minute rounds. Again I did both the first and second round, as my “partner” wasn’t quite up to it. 6 minutes of armbars from mount = tired!

Swinging armbars from guard next. A couple of guys had come in while we were working earlier, so I paired with one of them. 2-min rounds first. Hamstrings were cramping before too long. But I didn’t work you this morning! Why you hurting?! Not that I got much of a rest when the other guy went, because then I was bracing against their momentum. Then a set of 1-min rounds.

Drilled a choke from side control. Reps and reps and reps, ye-ow! Drilling even continued over into the next class — as guys started drifting in, we just worked them in with the rest of us. Next class finally officially started with (*drumroll please*) another choke from side control! Eeee, urgh… My neck was not much happy by the end of the night.

Couple rounds of rolling. I felt good about my level of intensity in all of those, which is something I’ve been working on ramping up recently. (And proof of this is evidenced by the lack of skin on my knuckles right now, heh, and the slight sprain in my right thumb {which was loud enough for both of us to hear. Oops.}.) Will was working on wristlocks, apparently; Tyler was channeling some Mendes brothers berimbolo setup from in my X-guard do what?!; and Josh was the One-Armed Man who felt like he had three arms instead.

So tired by the time I got home: food, shower, bed.


2 responses to “Monday, February 11

  1. trainingbjj says:

    Here’s where I got the x-guard berimbolo set-up ( Fairly simple. Glad I watched it again, because I’m rolling the wrong direction. No wonder I’m having trouble getting to the back.

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