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It’s a coffee IV sort of day…

on February 7, 2013

BJJ, Wednesday night

Still sore and stiff, especially my abs (!), all day. Class started with a quick drill, then side control specific sparring before moving on to the Renzo choke from side control. Heh, the shortness of my lapel combined with the shortness of my arm made for an interesting time (though far better than the choke the night before, which I could hardly hit for trying).

Couple of rounds in Open Mat to finish off.

Driving home last night, I was hit by all the tiredness at once. Had the hardest time keeping my attention on the road. Eh, that’s no good. I’ve started having a late afternoon snack before class; perhaps I need to bring something to eat right after class, especially later in the week.

Lifting class, Thursday morning

Dear Brain – we don’t have to be up until 5:30. Why are you waking me up early? All we’ll do is curl back up, wish we could go back to sleep, and wait for the alarm to go off for real. Seriously, it’s only a few more minutes — let me sleep! Sincerely, Me.

Oh, I argued with myself this morning. I did not want to go: I hurt, I’m sleepy, I have no energy, on and on and on. And yet while my body and brain argued, I was still mechanically going through the motions of waking up and getting dressed. And then I was dressed, so it would have been silly to take all that off and go back to bed, so I went to class anyway.

Hey, wait — Monday was legs and shoulders. How it today legs and shoulders again?!

A. Box squat: barx12, 95lbsx20, 95lbsx15, 95lbsx10

Could have gone heavier, but I wasn’t sure because of the number of reps.

B. 30s on/15s off, 1-min rest between
B1. pushups: 12, 11, 11, 13
B2. shrugs (20lb dbs): 12, 13, 12, 13
B3. Get Up situps: 10 (R), 7 (L), 10 (R), 9 (L)

I did shrugs in place of high pulls because my left shoulder’s most recent injury still won’t let me lift anything in that direction.

“Get Up” situps are just the bottom motion of a Turkish Get Up — lay down for a situp, hold the dumbbell straight up in one hand, then do a situp while keeping the dumbbell straight up.

C. 1min on/15s off, 1-min rest between
C1. step lunge (both legs = 1): 10, 11, 11
C2. jump rope: 85, ~60*, ~60*
C3. thrusters: 9 (20lb dbs), 14 (15lb dbs), 11 (15lb dbs)
C4. db snatch: 12 (15lb dbs), 7 (15lb dbs), 11 (10lb dbs)

* Jump rope was supposed to be double-unders, which I can’t do. So the first round I just jumped; the second and third rounds, the trainer called out when 15 seconds were left and encouraged us to attempt double-unders.

On thrusters and snatch, my shoulders did not want to support weight. Getting it up was no problem; getting it down was a major problem. So I had to drop the amount fast to avoid injury.

Okay, now I’m really really tired. Gonna need lots o’ stimulants to keep me moving today…


One response to “It’s a coffee IV sort of day…

  1. Meghan B says:

    If coffee IVs really existed, the world would be a much better place. Kudos for pushing through it all!

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