Aka, owie!

  • Hamstrings — check.
  • Lats — check./li>
  • Shoulders — check./li>
  • Abs — check, check.

But, I had my bag packed and I need to get more training per week with the tournament coming up in March, so I dragged myself & my body’s protests off to class last night. Everything so tight!

Couple of rolls to warm up, though I was neither warm nor moving well by the end. Then drilling a vicious choke that I just couldn’t quite get in position to finish. One more roll to end. My body was pretty much just a dead weight by the end of the night. The aches had pretty much worked out by then, though this morning they’re back in nearly full force.

(Also, hehe, someone’s reading through my archives. I see you! My page views almost tripled late yesterday! lol.)


3 thoughts on “DOMs DOMs DOMsDOMsDOMMMMMs

  1. That’s me! I started training BJJ recently and I’m the only girl in the class. I love your blog and was looking back at when you started out (not fully believing that you were once a scared little newbie like me!) I’ve been looking through a few of the other blogs by girls in BJJ and I really like how you all support each other.

    • Hey, welcome aboard! Trust me, totally was. Even sometimes feel like I still am.

      The support through the women’s grappling network — both online and offline — is great, and I’ve been so excited to see it grow.

    • What could we do to be more welcoming and inviting to women? I’ve been looking for a new gym to restart my training for awhile now, and I think I found one yesterday.

      Unfortunately, I didn’t see any women in the class that was going on. I find that women offer different challenges when grappling (replacing brute strength with crazy-flexible-hips), which definitely has a positive impact on my training.

      So how do we lower the barriers to entry and get more women involved? Is there anything we can do, or does it just boil down to the “society says women are inferior” silliness that’s embedded into so much of our culture?

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