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Oi, hai, hamstrings…

on February 5, 2013

By class time last night, my hamstrings were a leetle bit tight and tired, and my grips were almost back (pullups + trap bar + hanging knee raises = grip stripper). But then we did duck walks and alligators and other things that put my muscles back to hurting.

Quite a number of new guys in the last few weeks. (A new blue belt last night, as well.) Beginning of the semester and all. I guess we were a little sparse on upper belts, though, as all three of us women ended up working with new guys. (Maybe that’s what I should start doing — pouncing on new guys to drill and so start them thinking and acting right early. Hmm….)

Fundamentals class worked side control to mount, then the Int/Adv class continued the motion straight to the armbar. Lots of detail work for me, which is good — the little things that make the big differences.

The stiffness had eased up some by the time we got to rolling, though I could still feel the exhaustion waiting just beyond the movements.

Now this morning: wow! Stiff everywhere, even my abs (thanks to hanging knee raises and tabata situps). Getting out of bed involved rolling to the edge and sliding, lol. But there’s a tournament coming up at the beginning of March that we should have a good-sized team for, so I’ve packed my bag and will train again tonight.


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