Progress Report, January 2013

I missed quite a number of classes this last month, either because class was cancelled due to weather or because I was home & warm due to weather and had no desire to go back out in the cold.

But there is good news this month: I can bridge again! I forget to do it most of the time because I haven’t been able to without pain for six months, but I’m getting better about reminding myself to at least try it during rolls. I’ll get under bottom side control and my inner jiu-jitsu commentator (very calm right now; not being a spazzy Joe Rogan at all. Perhaps more as I imagine Saulo to be) will tell me that I should practice bridging now. Sometimes, I even follow his advice.

I took this month off from my group lifting class as I tried to evaluate whether it would fit with my goals, schedule, and budget. I’ve decided to give it another try, so that will pick back up again on Monday.


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