Book Report, January 2013

  • Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain. Yeah, I’m on a bit of a cooking and Bourdain kick recently.
  • It Starts With Food, Dallas & Melissa Hartwig. This is, what, the 3rd time in 6 months? Worth it, though. The how and why of doing a 30-day Paleo elimination diet. (Also, how to re-introduce and test for reactions afterwards.)
  • Well Fed, Melissa Joulwan. (This was free to borrow on Amazon Prime. I need to buy the physical copy, though.) Another Paleo cookbook. The twist is that she has a restaurant background, so there are tips on how to prep food now in order to make meals later, e.g., steaming cooking vegetables (so they can be sauteed to finish later).
  • Tarzan of the Apes, Edgar Rice Burroughs. I guess I’ve just seen enough movies/tv that I assumed I’d read it. Turns out that I hadn’t.
  • The Book of Deacon, Joseph Lallo. A free Kindle book, and first book in a fantasy story. Gets a little long in the tooth after a while, but overall, pretty good. (Also, needs chapters! Sheesh. Got rather annoying trying to find a good place to pause otherwise.)
  • The Colors of Space, Marion Zimmer Bradley. A novella about finding the eighth color.
  • On Writing, Stephen King. I have never read any of his fiction; it’s just not the sort of things that I want to read about. But — this is quite possibly the best book on writing fiction that I have ever read. I had to stop many times to go start writing because it got me that excited.

Also, some that I forgot from December (got a bit excited by the two Christmas books):

  • King Solomon’s Mines, Henry Rider Haggard. Oh, man — the scene where the valley’s inhabitants find Good half-shaven, pantless (white legs!), with his monocle and false teeth!
  • Practical Paleo, Diane Sanfilippo. On a visual/ layout/ continuity level, this thing is stunning. And I like the way they have accompanying pictures that show how to prepare one of the ingredients, without needing to include the text instructions (e.g., showing how to cut an avocado). Also, the science and technical information is right on, too.

2 thoughts on “Book Report, January 2013

  1. Yes, that King book is good. You should try some of his fiction. Even if you’re not into horror, he’s a master of characterization, and worth reading for that alone. I recommend “Firestarter” as a first read.

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