All the weathers!

So last week was ice & snow. Then we got 60- & 70-degree days. Then so much rain in a few hours yesterday that places were/are being evacuated due to flooding. For a while there, I thought even jiu-jitsu might be rained out. 😮 Then woke up this morning to ice, as temps plummeted again and froze all the rain. But the weather here is often nutty — there was a day back when I was an undergrad that started off in the 60s, everyone wearing shorts to class, then by 3pm it was snowing buckets.

Class started with rolling, with one person starting on the back. Then more drilling with escaping back control, as some folks were having trouble. Then one more long roll — announced at 15 minutes, but the last 4 probably dragged out for another 10, lol.

(I’m waiting to write until the next morning, but then I’m having trouble remembering the brilliant things and commentary that I was thinking of the night before…. Nope, still nothing; brain is blanking. Oh well, must not have been so brilliant after all. *shrug*)


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