Snow again! And Team training

Snow started yesterday. Since temps had actually been cold the previous week — below freezing — the snow stuck quickly. So class was cancelled for last night. I had about 4 inches at my house.

This morning was team training here in Blacksburg. The guys from Salem came down to train with us here; there were over 50 people on that mat!

The training was supposed to be gi and nogi, but at the last minute they decided to make it gi only (far too many people to be trying to change). I had planned ahead, though, and worn my nogi stuff under my clothes so I could toss a gi on and off… but then we just did gi, and I was stuck with extraneous clothes that got me overheated. (Of course, you know if I’d just prepared for gi that we would have had to change. Just how it works…)

The morning started off with promotions, including two long-awaited (and, frankly, quite overdue): Janet to blue and Jaime to purple. Couple of kids’ promotions to yellow and green; blues (Emily, Karl, Travis, Rob); purples (Matt, Ryan, Robert, Big Mike, Big Tommy); and even two browns (Navid and Daniel). There are a few more that I was expecting, though they should come by the next team training, at the latest.

Then we went in to drilling, a pop-up armbar from side control, then eventually adding a far-side armbar and a roll-though to armbar/kimura. That made things interesting with 25 pairs going every-which-way on our mats, lol! At the end, some rolling — half on the mat at a time, which still made for some tight quarters.

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