The start of the semester brings out new women!

All three of the local colleges have started classes, so students are back in force and are looking for new things to do. (I can also tell because all the roads are packed with terrible drivers. Usually takes them a few weeks to remember that this isn’t the big city and doesn’t require such aggressiveness.) We’ll have lots of new guys coming in over the next month or so.

And last night, we had two new women. One has some training, while the other was brand new. And they both came on their own. And they both did the MMA class before and stayed for the BJJ class. The brand-new girl said she got interested because of a male friend of hers who wanted to train, but he kept procrastinating and eventually said he didn’t have the money to do it, but by then she was still interested enough to come on her own. Way to go! They have both promised to come back, too, so that will be good.

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