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An Unexpected Holiday

on January 22, 2013

Last week, it rained. Every day. The temperature hung out in the 40s and 50s, generally, but the rain rarely stopped. The ground was entirely saturated, and many areas on my commute were flooding. Then on Thursday afternoon, just before 2pm, the rain changed to sleet that covered the ground quickly and froze the water that was by sitting on top of the ground. Hardly 20 minutes after that, the sleet changed over to snow.

Long before then, I was cozily situated on my couch and working from home. My brother, who lives with me and works about 3/4 mile from the house, came in just after 2pm, and he said that his car had barely made it up the hill between his work and my house: the sleet had frozen everything.

By Friday night, my neighborhood was covered in 8 inches of snow. The next morning, my brother walked to work (the hazard of living close enough to work), while I ostensibly worked from home — mostly that meant that I shoveled the entire driveway, the area around the front of the driveway, the sidewalk, and the front stairs. I had only meant to do enough to get my own car out, but I started having so much fun, that I ended up doing everything I could reach.

But then I got comfortable and warm and didn’t want to leave when it was time for class, even though the streets seemed to be completely clear. So I settled in for the evening and the weekend.

The snow has been melting away quickly, though.

Yesterday I got up as usual on a Monday morning, did all the usual Monday morning preparations, and even managed to get to work on time. (I have an issue where I think that the drive from my house takes less time than it actually does. Anyway.) I sat there for about an hour, and no one else came in and no one was online. I started to get annoyed at all these Monday morning slackers. And then I checked the employee calendar and saw that we had the holiday off. Oops. Well, at least I’d had my coffee…

I had complained on Sunday night that I hadn’t had enough time at home to get everything done — even with half of Thursday, most of Friday, and all of Saturday and Sunday — and so I spend yesterday getting those last things done. And since I’d slacked off on Friday — and since my bag was already packed and in the car — I got myself out the door and over to class.

Everybody is back in town, and classes didn’t start until today. So everybody was at practice last night.

Fundamentals class was all bridging. Bridging! I can do it again! Side control thread-the-needle escape. Wow, it’s been a while. So many people, though, you had to watch out so you didn’t kick the pair behind you during drilling.

Intermediate/Advanced class started with sparring by gi color — white gis first, then blue & black — as the class had cleverly divided ourselves in half by wearing different colored gis.

Then for drilling, since there just as many of us as in the first class (some had left after the first class, but were replaced by an equal number coming in for the second class), we grouped up in threes so one person could stand (to take up less space) and monitor the drilling (which involved a spin-over, a roll, and a flip, and no matter how many times you thought you knew where you’d land, you invariably landed somewhere else) and keep everyone from kicking the next pair. Or the chairs, as my group seemed fond of doing.

One good roll in Open Mat to finish the night off.


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