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“Don’t underestimate yourself.”

on December 19, 2012

Sounds good out of context, hmph, but in context it got someone a butt-kicking, lol:

Him: “…except I don’t like how you finish there, turned like that.”
Me: “Yeah, but it lets me drop more pressure on the chin. I don’t have much weight, so I’ve got to do whatever I can to concentrate it.”
Him: “Hmm, don’t underestimate yourself.”
Me: “!@#$%!” *tackle*

Also: I’m pretty certain Will actually created the Berimbolo. It’s a move straight out of his game, and though he’s only been back a short while, he’s already spinning under everyone and taking their back.


One response to ““Don’t underestimate yourself.”

  1. Alex Kennedy says:

    Berimbolo video to end all videos. I had a seminar a few months ago with Gui Mendes. Unfortunately we didn’t go over this but some leg drag passes that have become a staple in my game. Cheers!

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