Now I need a nap…

Somehow the air conditioning got turned on at the gym, and it was freezing when we got there this morning. So they turned on the heat, and then we got blasted with over-hot air for the entire class. Woowee.

A. 3 rounds:
A1. air squats x 15
A2. ball slams x 10
A3. situps x 10

B. Barbell complex, 4 rounds x 5 reps each:
B1. high pull (shrugs for me)
B2. hang snatch
B3. thrusters
B4. bent-over row
B5. hang snatch

I did the first 3 rounds with the barbell, but the last round with 20lb dbs as the barbell was threatening to wreck my face in the third round.

C. 4 x 12
C1. incline press (15lb dbs)
C2. horizontal pullups
C3. bent-over reverse fly (5lb dbs)

D. 4 rounds for time: 7:51
D1. 30 mountain climbers
D2. 20 pushups
D3. 10 groiners
D4. 5 burpees

So the last time we did this workout, I have a note that since my time improved so much, I felt like I must have skipped a round. Today my time was down by 2 minutes over that time, so now I really feel like I missed something.

There’s a moment every morning after a workout, when I get out of the shower and put my pajamas back on (since I haven’t had coffee yet so am not ready to make decisions about clothes), and then either see my bed (with the covers still ready for someone to crawl right back in) or sit on the couch. I just want to stay there all day.


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