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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda


on December 12, 2012

Tonight was an informal class, as one of the local universities is finishing up exams this week and the other is about to start. So the college student population in our classes is fluctuating and starting to dwindle. But the class also saw me getting to roll twice with Tim, which is always a good learning experience as he shuts down holes that I can usually at least find (and occasionally even exploit) even on purple belts. But with Tim, there is nospace. Which was amusing, as I’d go for the little space that’s usually there and would instead meet a solid mass of body and I’d be a bit confused because that’s always been there before. Where did it go…?

Also rolled and then drilled with the guy they call Monster. We rolled first and then ended up as the only two without partners for drilling, so we just shrugged and started to work, and he said, “It’s totally cool. We’re practically the same size.” Lol. He = me x2. (Seriously. We checked.) Although I couldn’t get off the bottom in the roll, I could be little and squirmy and annoying, especially because he was trying hard not to just squish me, but that left me large areas in which to wiggle. I finally pointed that out to him and said it was okay to close down all that space, which he did quite well actually. (Note to self: no good deed goes unpunished, eh?)

Tim and Andrew were also doing a some one-on-one Q&A in class, and I finally heard articulated some of the concepts that I feel I’ve been close to figuring out recently, especially regarding maintaining side control. Nice to know I was on the right path. Even nicer to get a little jump ahead. 😉

My body hurt last week with residuals from the tournament, and finally settled down toward the end there. Now this week it’s hurting from getting back to training. Doh.


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