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Two in a day?!

on December 10, 2012

Heh. Apparently my brain and body only need 1 week to fall completely out of rhythm. We’d hardly started the warmup tonight when I was out of breath and overheating. (Although later, Tim mentioned that it felt hot in there, so at least it wasn’t entirely me being a wimp.)

This month’s theme is The Guard, so we started with standing in guard, then standing guard passes. The poor widdle legs that did box jumps and Romanian dead lifts this morning! They were not fans.

Since I competed without my knee braces, I’ve decided to start training without them, too. But I need to remember that taking them off temporarily backs up my progress until I get used to moving and defending without them. And that I still need to tell people that I may tap when they don’t expect it. Case in point: rolled with a kid I haven’t rolled with yet, though he’s been here for a few months, and I had this impression that he was controlled. Um… not so much. But I hadn’t said anything at the start of the round. Then he did a rolling back take and wrenched my knee. I verbally tapped in the middle of the roll, but he didn’t expect it and so didn’t hear me and didn’t stop and I had to say, “Tap! Tap! Tap!” before he finally heard me. It seemed to be okay and I continued rolling; just got a little bit too twisted. (With the braces on, it wouldn’t have turned that much and so there wouldn’t have been as much pressure. I guess I got too used to having the braces to limit the lateral motion.)

So I need to remember to still be vigilant on protecting my knee, although it does seem to be able to stand up to training without the braces. I also managed the entire warmup without the braces and even practiced bridging after class, and there was no twinging or anything. !!! (Now if I could just remember to bridge when rolling…) Getting there.


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