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on December 10, 2012

Oi. vey. I haven’t woken up this early in over a week. Not is fun. Especially not since I kept waking up every few hours at night for no good reason. Meh.

The warmup we do isn’t very much, but it usually gets me loose enough. Not today: my muscles decided to freeze up and be unresponsive. Still tight.

A. Max Chinups:

  • 2 unassisted
  • 3.5 purple band, knee in
  • 6 purple band, foot in

B. 45s on/15s off, 2-min rest between rounds, x4 rounds:
B1. rower (cals): 12, 11, 11, 11
B2. box jumps (18″): 12, 15, 18*, 12
B3. shrugs (20lb dbs): 15, 17, 16, 13
B4. 2-hand db snatch: 20lbs dbs: 11, 10, 8; 15lbs dbs: 10

*Pretty sure she forgot to call time at the right point. Also, on the very first one, transitioning from the rower to the box, my legs said, “Nope!” Took a bit to get things working again.

C. 30s on/15s off, 1-min rest between rounds, x3 rounds:
C1. SHELC: 9, 10, 8
C2. RDL (25lb dbs): 10, 8 8
C3. biceps curl (8lb dbs): 9, 9, 8
C4. hammer curl (8lb dbs): 9, 8, 10

So tired!


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