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Sunny D! and back to the real world

on November 17, 2012

Wednesday night was my first night back to class after Women’s Camp. Heh. Nothing says “Welcome back” like a black belt sitting on your ribs.

On the Saturday while I was gone, the academy hosted a Renzo seminar. Then that night, Brandon had an MMA fight. He won by RNC in the first round. After the fight, Tim promoted him to purple belt.

On Friday I walked in to see Sundance sitting on the mats. He’s out in California at med school. Squee! Got to roll with him, and it was loads of fun as always. I will tell you that he’s been working on his side control pressure, whew!

Then today, because the Richmond Submission Only is coming up shortly, I went in to Open Mat this morning. Got some good rolls, but also tweaked my knee yet again. Really want this thing to be well. *pout*


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