Softly, softly

Camp Camp Camp Camp!

Two more days! *cue the bouncing*

Might be just a little excited…

I’m leaving Friday to head up. Then camp is Saturday and Sunday. There’s an Open Mat on Monday morning, too, that I’ll likely stay for. And there’s a co-ed seminar on Monday afternoon, but I will probably (force myself to) be smart and come home before then, as I will likely be a limp puddle of sweat by that time and will be good for nothing on the mat.

The last time I went to camp, I got turf toe right before and so was hampered by a giant wrapped-up appendage all weekend. I was determined that such a thing would not happen again, so last week and more importantly this week I’ve been taking it e.a.s.y. during sparring. I also did my best to only roll with good training partners, though that wasn’t always up to me. Rolling with guys I trust & who are just playing around (“keeping it playful” was tossed around at one point, lol), we could have a little fun and I still knew I was safe. But rolling with the spazzes, I focused on being just intense enough to defend myself. I’ve tapped early and often, and most especially if my knee ever started getting pressure.

Tonight we had an extra surprise — Rob’s sister (who trained with us at the beginning of the semester, but her classes conflict with all our class times) works for the on-campus, student-run TV station, and she & her crew came in tonight to interview Tim and to film some of our class for their next show. When she saw me there, she asked if they could interview me as well to “get a woman’s perspective.” So tonight I did an impromptu on-camera interview on what BJJ is, why it’s good for women to train, and what it’s like to train with bigger guys all the time. Meep!



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