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Progress Report, October 2012

on November 2, 2012

I think I might not be training enough days per week — 3 might be too few for me to progress. Most days I feel stagnant. Interestingly, only occasionally have I felt as if I were actually getting worse. I suppose that’s some sort of progress, as I typically feel as if I’m fighting the tide that’s trying to drag me back to being a clueless spazzy white belt.

But then I got feedback from a more experienced training partner this last month, who told me that I’m rolling like chunky peanut butter. Which around here means “the opposite of smooth.” Which means regressing. Which means “Ruh-roh, Reorge!”

So now I’ve gotta figure out this fun mess. I do find that I’m not freaking out about it — I’ll train and I’ll fix it and it’ll all eventually work itself out.

Looking ahead:

In one week, I’ll be at Women’s Grappling Camp. So excited! This will be awesome.

That same weekend, back home, Renzo is coming in and will do a seminar on Saturday. Then that night, Brandon is fighting on a card up in Roanoke.

Then in December, there’s the Submission Only tournament in Richmond. Whether my knee is up to it or not, I’m doing that tournament. Sounds like a couple of the guys may come up, too.


One response to “Progress Report, October 2012

  1. Jiu Jiu says:

    Good luck to you! I know that Meg and I just started to add extra to our game – out of class studying and what not. I’m kind of excited because it’s the first time I’ve really felt “in charge” of my own learning. Also scary for the same reason.

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