Post-Frankenstorm lifting

Hurricane Sandy hit our area mostly only with high winds. (People still lost power due to the wind, though.) The winds, as usual, decided to beat on my bedroom windows — 3 of them, all facing west — all through Sunday night and again on Monday night. Ugh. Too much racket. Can. Not. Sleep. So I rolled over on Monday and skipped lifting.

When I was signing in this morning, the girl at the front desk said she’d heard I do Brazilian jiu-jitsu and asked how long I’d been training. She’s been working out some with an on-campus club at one of the universities and would like to get back in to it when there’s room in her schedule. Her eyes about popped out of her head when I said that we have about 10 women training at our place.

This morning’s workout was a repeat from 10/11/12:

A1. Air squats: 3×15
A2. Situps: 3×10
A3. Ball slams: 3×10

B. Barbell complex: 4×5. I worked in with another lady, so I just used her weights — the training bar (25lbs) + 10lbs, so 35lbs total — even though I could have lifted more… because I probably shouldn’t have been trying to lift more. Wrists, thumbs, elbows, shoulders, et al, are still having issues.

B1. Upright row — substituted shrugs (elbow is still tweaked)
B2. Hang snatch
B3. Thruster
B4. Bent-over row
B5. Hang snatch

C. 3×12
C1. Incline bench – 3x20lb dbs (*increase from 15lb dbs*)
C2. Pullups or horizontal pullups – 1xgreen band (1/2 with knee, 1/2 with foot), 1/2xgreen band (foot) + 1/2 rings, 1xrings
C3. Reverse DB fly – 3x5lb dbs

Now here was strange — I’m almost positive the board listed 4 rounds, but notes from last time have 3 and everyone else finished in the middle of my 3rd round, so unlikely that they did an extra round. So no idea…

Using your knee instead of your foot in the pullup bands is harder because the band doesn’t get as much stretch and, therefore, doesn’t give you as much help. I didn’t make it for long, but did try.

D. 4 rounds. Time: 9:48
D1. 30 mountain climbers
D2. 20 pushups
D3. 10 groiners (from full pushup position, jump feet next to hands, then jump feet back)
D4. 5 burpees

*frown* Supposedly I improved my time by over 3 minutes, but I’m not sure I believe that. Maybe I missed a round? (Except I made a notation after each round.) Maybe I did an extra round last time? (No marks from then.)

Wrist didn’t like all this supporting stuff and crapped out after the first round. I did mostly-one-arm pushups for a bit, until the other arm was getting tired of doing all the work around here, and then limped through the rest of the pushups. On the other exercises, I could somehow keep the wrist out of too much trouble.


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