It’s official! —

I’m a…

blue belt!

Tim decided to get us all certificates for our belts. He was coming around last night and asking us when we got our belts, and then signing the certificates in class last night. So I am now officially a blue belt! 😉 (Only 3 years later, lol.)

I’m blaming this week on lack of sleep. I started a new video game, and I’ve been staying up for an extra hour… or two… or three each night to keep playing. I nearly fell asleep in the dentist’s chair yesterday. Oops. And I nearly nodded off all day yesterday. Seems my body doesn’t just want 8+ hours of sleep — now it’s starting to demand it.

I almost didn’t go to class last night because I was so tired. In the end, I figured I would go at least for the Fundamentals class in case any of the other ladies came in. Janet came in about halfway through class.

But the highlight of the night was that Adam, who had moved up to northern Virginia and is now training at Fairfax BJJ (with Maggie — as well as Dave Jacobs & Abmar Barbosa), was back in town. So I got a visiting round in with him.


3 thoughts on “It’s official! —

  1. When I asked for a blue belt certificate, the secretary at the front desk filled in my name and date on a pre-signed one. Still, I like the idea of having something official. Though most of the time people seem to just put up grading photos as a form of proof, which is what I did for my purple.

    And yeah, I was expecting that to be your purple belt certificate. 🙂

    • Hehe, that was the idea. 😉 I figure that if I ever earn my purple belt, the title will just say “Purple!” Maybe the text, too. But until then, I’ll have some fun with misleading titles.

      Back when I did TKD, a belt wasn’t considered official until you had the signed certificate from the instructor. At times we would award a belt but withhold the certificate until certain conditions were met. Anyone can buy a belt and claim a rank, but not just anyone can produce a signed certificate.

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